Wooden Witch

by Bob Ruzzo

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The inspiration for this album came a long time ago. I had finally gotten around to recording a few songs in the early part of 2013. I had an idea to make a collection of songs with a slight common theme. The idea was from a dream I had when I was a kid. It was a strange and short dream of these witches who had unearthly powers. In the dream the witches looked like they were made out of wood. Wrinkly skin almost like a wood carving. So over the last couple of years I went over some ideas that had some sense to them. I wrote about the "Wooden" witch who lived in the early 19th century. She appeared randomly in the mid-1800's and the only way she would find you is if you dreamed of her. And the reasons are unknown what would cause you to dream of her in the first place. I think it was during a visit to Salem when I was young. The Wooden witch appeared to me sometime around 1970. She herself could not physically hurt you but she had minions who would take almost any shape of almost anything or anyone. The unfortunate victim would run into these minions in their dreams. If you were lucky enough and able to destroy the minion or minions in your dream, the spell of the Wooden witch would be broken and she would vanish forever. I had the pleasure of meeting this minion who took the shape of an evil tree who transformed into a stick man. After a few run ins with him one particular dream, I remember grabbing him by his skinny wooden neck and snapping him in two. Thus, the curse of the Wooden witch was broken and I was never troubled again. Many many years later I had discovered that there were some elements in music that were at one point in time considered EVIL. The tri-tone or devils interval. That was one thing....another was something I discovered accidentally. A certain quartal-based chord sequence, when played twice would summon the Wooden witch! This curse was much more difficult to break because the solution was another very cryptic chord progression. To this day I have not found. The chord progression to summon the Wooden Witch is contained in 2 of the songs on this album so listen at your own risk!


released July 15, 2013



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Bob Ruzzo Cranston, Rhode Island

Recorded 2013. This is a collection of tunes where I use tri-tones, quartal harmony, dissonances, atonalaties, Phrygian mode and a general feeling of tension and gloom. But in an artistic sort of way.

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